Monkey Land Adventure

Have a unique adventure in the Dominican Republic with a guided tour of Monkeyland, with time to interact with these beautiful and playful squirrel monkeys, as well as a cultural tour of the Dominican way of life.

Begin the tour with a visit to a typical country house to interact with the Dominicans and learn to live from the land and its organic products. There you will have the opportunity to taste roasted coffee and cocoa.

Begin the second part of the tour by arriving at the beautiful botanical garden, where you will learn about the native plants and flowers of the island. The next 45 minutes will be spent on a guided tour that will allow you to interact up close with the beautiful and friendly squirrel monkeys at Monkeyland.

These charming and intelligent monkeys have been trained by a Canadian couple with more than 35 years of experience working with animals, including more than 12 years at the Toronto Zoo teaching the monkeys to trust and enjoy the company of humans. This tour is based on 5 acres of beautiful land that the monkeys have made their home.

The monkeys are completely used to human contact. They come down from the trees to sit on your shoulder and eat from your hands. Beware …. They love all things bright and interesting! The little monkeys love to pose for the cameras and will probably sit and, if allowed, look at their camera. Adorable! Come share this unforgettable experience!

Hotel pickup and drop-off in a safari truck
experienced guides
colorful botanical garden
Interact up close with our beautiful squirrel monkeys at Monkeyland
Gift shop in Monkeyland
Visit a coffee and cocoa plantation
Visit a typical house and see how the locals live

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$89 USD

Per Person


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